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The residents of Doogar County have always lived under what seemed to be a protective blanket. Crime was non- existent, however when bodies start showing up all over town in theatrical displays tensions inevitably rise. Deputy Sherriff Gavin Macrae will be put to the test of his life with the consequences of failure unimaginable. Faced with the task of catching what seems to be a ghost Gavin's life falls into turmoil. Mistakes made in the past are committed once again as Gavin finds himself struggling to solve the murders and simultaneously weaving a web of lies around all those he loves.


Would you answer? Three deafening knocks echo through your house. Its cold outside almost too cold for anyone to be moving. As you peer out the window two tiny children lock eyes with you sending a wave of terror dancing across your skin. Delicate hands wave, begging you to give a reprieve from the weather and you ignore your better judgments. “Come in” are the last words you utter before your body collapses in agony, you try to catch your breath, but it evades your best efforts. Pain slices through your head causing blood to trickle from your nose. “Our parents will be here soon” a child’s voice whispers as you fade into blackness.

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