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_UPDATE_ _After a slight setback my nove
Book Two (hopefully won't take as long)_

In the Press

Absolutely terrifying left me speechless after the last page...

J. W. Gillott weaves a web of intricate horror, one that will satisfy fans of horror everywhere. 

Speechless...a must read.

- Leslie B.

Moncton, NB

-David M.

Ottawa, Ont

- Natasha L.

Vancouver, BC 


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From an early age, writing was a passion. A means of traveling to distant lands, meeting for the first time unimaginable characters as they materialized before me. Like a new parent, I was protective of my creations holding them close never allowing outsiders to even catch a glimpse of their potential. Until now. Until now I believed perfection was needed before casting my imagination unto the world. The raw emotion and melancholy of my fiction allow others to escape to those same lands meeting the people I’ve manifested. From an early age, I was bestowed with a gift, it is time I unleash on the world.


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